Course for the future – recycled packaging

PCR, or Post Consumer Recycled, is another important responsible business trend that is growing at a galloping pace in the UK and beginning to radiate around the world. JES Opakowania is also part of this trend.

What is it about?

About bringing consumer waste back to life. That’s it in a nutshell.

And more specifically: the production of packaging using recycled regranulate. But not from industrial trash, but from consumer trash.

The planet is heavily littered, and waste is increasing all the time. Everywhere people talk about “bad plastic” as if it were the main culprit of all pollution. However, the truth lies elsewhere – people are solely responsible for waste management, so a plastic product is not bad in itself, it is only improperly managed after use.

For many years, the recycling industry has been booming. From old bottles, packaging and even fished out fishing nets, it is easy to create regranulate, which is suitable for making more things, and thus – reduce the production of plastics from the so-called original raw material.

The practice began to make headlines when the UK introduced regulations on chemical containers and buckets. Since last year, they have had at least 30% recycled material in their composition. The idea received a better response than originally expected, and the European Union is now preparing to introduce similar regulations.

JES Opakowania, in order to meet not only the needs of the market, but also the needs of the environment, has already implemented the production of 10L and 20L buckets, which include PCR material. We are currently at the stage of preparing the production of 5L and 3L buckets. Although regranulate is more expensive than plastic coming directly from the refinery, our buckets are available at a very affordable price.


They are durable

No other new raw materials are needed for their production.

It is produced from waste.

Once used, it can be safely recycled again.

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