JESafe packaging

JES Opakowania company is pleased to introduce and offer its contractors a series of innovative, safe packaging, made with IML technology.

The packaging offered under the JESafe brand is extremely safe for stored food, as it significantly reduces the migration of harmful packaging components into food.

Laboratory tests (available for inspection upon request) clearly confirm that our innovative packaging, thanks to the application of the latest technchics and chemistry, has very low global migration thresholds to all standard model liquids. These thresholds are significantly lower than with standard solutions.

Obtaining such results, would not have been possible without carrying out complex research and development work and without support from the European Union. The creation of the JESafe family of packaging was made possible by obtaining EU funding under the Regional Operational Program of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2014-2020, Measure 1.5 Investments of enterprises supporting the development of regional specialties and smart specialties.

We are extremely proud to offer you a novelty on a European scale, made in Poland – packaging under the JESafe brand!

JESafe’s product offerings include:

Container 250/900 type Oval with a capacity of 1ltr, suitable for sealing together with a lid 250/PZ

Rectangle 260/1000 type container with a capacity of 1ltr, along with a lid with a tight seal 260/P:

Oval 50/200 container with a capacity of 200ml, suitable for sealing with a 50/PZ lid:

Shaped container 40/130, suitable for sealing together with lid 40/PZ:

The 50/200 and 40/130 series packaging can be made from recycled – post-production plastics. Thanks to the use of specialized internal labels, these packages have reduced migration – even compared to standard packaging, produced from virgin material.

Jesafe series packaging are only available with iml labels.

For inquiries and any questions about JESafe packaging, please contact us at the dedicated email address: or at +48 514 203 647.

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