The Plastics Processing Plant (Zakład Przetwórstwa Tworzyw Sztucznych) in Koszalin started its operations on 15 February 1991, and its originator, creator and founder was its present owner.

The company’s founder was inspired by the social and economic changes that led to the creation of a “free market”, liberating initiative and entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur took a risk and seized his chance. After analysing the market, he started as a “private entrepreneur” – producing plastic packaging.

At the time, the company employed 10 people who produced around 35,000 packages per month. The main customers for the company’s products were fish processing plants.

In December 1995, the company changed its headquarters. It was moved to Koszalin to

Szczecińska 63 street, where a new production hall was built. The plant was further modernised, and machinery was upgraded.

In 1999/2000, a new production hall for 14 machines was opened (thus increasing the number of machines to 35). New technologies were implemented to reduce manufacturing costs. A new Mould Design and Automation Department was created, with an expanded machinery park for the independent manufacture and reconditioning of injection moulds and automation systems.

Care was also taken to enrich the company’s product range with the purchase of a printing machine for offset printing of graphics on the packaging sold.

In 2010, Zakład Przetwórstwa Tworzyw Sztycznych J.E. Sobczak sp.k. obtained co-financing

from the Innovative Economy Operational Programme for the implementation of innovative technology for the production of barrier containers. In 2011, the company obtained funding from the same programme for the growth of the developed technology. The company continuously cooperates with the Department of Food Industry Processes and Equipment at the Koszalin University of Technology in implementing modern production technologies.


At JES Opakowania, we specialize in high-tech packaging production. We have an extensive production complex, which includes 4 modern production halls, two spacious warehouses and various technical, office and social rooms. Advanced technologies require high technical competence and so-called technical culture from our team. We are proud of our recently expanded and highly advanced tool shop, JES Technology ( Our tool shop not only manufactures injection molds, but also offers comprehensive project services. Our services range from molded part design, selection of optimal machines and process parameters, to automated quality control and automated packaging. Our solutions are synonymous with innovation and efficiency in the packaging manufacturing industry.

The plant works in a continuous system, producing plastic packaging in a wide assortment. Despite increasing competition, the company continues to develop and strengthen its position in the packaging market. Customers throughout Europe are the recipients of the plant’s products.

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